Strengthening Collaboration Among CSO and Duty Bearers

Over the past years, DAWEO has been successful in bridging the gap between CSOs and the government institutions through Afghan Shelter Network (ASN) and inter- coordination among the two in several occasions. Particularly, DAWEO is responsible for hosting the external ASN meetings since Nov 2015. These meetings have enabled practical solutions for challenges brought up at these meetings. The aim of the ASN meetings is to find possible solutions to the challenges/obstacles’ WPCs face with relevant govt./non-govt org and the external ASN provides a productive platform for this. Moreover, a stronger relation among the CSOs and the relevant ministries is required in order to provide unified and coherent responses to VAW. Together, CSOs and government entities can bring significant changes to the lives of thousands of women. Their coordination and strong relation are essential in helping the VAW survivors. DAWEO is committed to backing their efforts.